The Brain

posted Sep 16, 2015, 2:53 AM by Vinod Scaria   [ updated Sep 18, 2015, 2:20 AM by SRamachandran igib ]
Hiya Chowdhury.....

I was walking along a road  
When I saw a ball of pinkish brown   
He introduced himself as the BRAIN   
The smartest thinking cap in town!

He told me about himself
He said even I have one
He told me he was extremely lightweight
And didn’t make my head weigh a tonne!

I asked him if he gets lonely
But he said, “No, not at all!”
He said he has friends inside him
And never apart did they fall.

Their names are left half and right half
They “talk” to each other very well
And if they failed to do so,
It would be their fault if I fell.

He has lobes in him making up the cerebrum
Add-ons are cerebellum and brain-stem
I would be extraordinary indeed, he said
If I manage to stay alive without them.

The frontal lobe helps in reasoning and planning
While the parietal senses taste and pain
Temporal for speech and occipital for information
These are some of the parts of a brain.

Then comes the cerebellum, he said
Which coordinates the muscles of mine
This is what helps violinists play a piece
And keeps the conductor of an orchestra on time.

Last but not the least comes the brain-stem
Its main job is to keep me alive
This part controls breathing and heartbeat
And prevents me from dying when I decide to take a dive.

“But I am not just the sum of my parts,” he said
“Because I am a much much more
I am what makes you love your mother
And the reason why fights make you sore.”

“All emotions come packed with me
And urges like thirst and hunger
Positive feelings like being happy
Or negative ones like anger.”

“I am why reading history makes you bored
And athletics makes you go jumpy
Why pizza makes your mouth water
And homework makes you grumpy.”

“But I am thoughtful and don’t need a thank you
For all this information that I lent”
And whistling in a very melodious tune
Far and away he went.

(Originally published in Springline, 2015)

Hiya Chowdhury is a student of Class VIII at Springdales School Pusa Road, New Delhi. She loves to write and read, sing and listen to music and playing football. That is, when she gets free time after homework!