The 10 Commandments

posted Sep 18, 2015, 2:05 AM by SRamachandran igib   [ updated Sep 18, 2015, 5:05 AM ]
Shrey Gandhi, Research Scholar.....
PHd is a journey which is taken by a brave few, If you haven't started yet then below is your cue.

1. Thou shall select a research topic where thy interest lies,
No matter what you do it eventually dies.
2. Thou shall carefully select a guide,
Cause when Hulk gets angry all you can do is hide.
3. Thou shall not waste time cause it always flies,
The lows are always followed by the highs.
4. Thou shall not love or date,
Cause everything else can wait.
5. Thou shall marry ones thesis,
Cause work never ends or ceases.
6. Thou shall never worry what thy results are,
Find the hidden sense, no matter how bizzare.
7. Thou shall worry about what thy future has,
A peons job is always up for grabs.
8. Thou shall never do plagiarism,
It will be treated at par with terrorism.
9. Thou shall always struggle with finance,
Getting your stipends at time will always be a nuisance.
10. Thou shall treat lab assistants as thy best friend,
They are the only ones who might lend you a helping hand.

Now then one might argue which job is ideal, Well then leap in if your tendencies are suicidal.

Shrey Gandhi, interested in computational biology and bioinformatics