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Editorial, March 2016

posted Mar 22, 2016, 2:12 AM by SRamachandran igib   [ updated Mar 22, 2016, 9:43 PM ]

This is the third release of CSIR-IGIB Pulse, March 2016 issue. What could be more timely than to oversee the release of this issue at the onset of spring - singing birds, pleasant breeze, warm yellow-white days and cool evenings. As our students and scientists move along in their course of research, charting into new areas, it my pleasure to release the March 2016 issue. This issue is turning out as an applications issue.

We are making strides into application areas such as discovering inhibitors of angiogenesis, delivering nucleic in the skin and building highly sensitive sensors for detection of heart attacks.

We have also had a good share of activities on the Republic Day, Science day and Life of Pi.

We have also started a series of skill development of students in advanced data analysis areas. The first is an NGS workshop held recently.

My best wishes to all of you in your research endeavours and 'sky is the limit' for all of us.

Editorial, December 2015

posted Dec 28, 2015, 1:36 AM by SRamachandran igib   [ updated Dec 28, 2015, 1:38 AM ]

Between the last release of IGIB Pulse and this one, several events have happened including new advances in research, receiving awards by our scientists, and interaction with children enthusiastic about science. Updating all these information in IGIB Pulse has filled me with immense pleasure. In this release we have new articles on research advances, which are a shade different from those described in the previous issue. The current articles are about factors affecting our health. This is quite timely considering that the whole Delhi City has woken up to the dwindling air quality and debates about the suitable measures to be taken with minimal discomfort.

In this issue I am having the pleasure of initiating three new arms of IGIB Pulse: Pulsating voices,  Pictures-Speak and Technical Tips. The saying that "one picture is worth a thousand words" is a driving force to use pictures to communicate. Our colleague Dr. Mitali Mukerji has been clicking silently and collecting pictures and adding noteworthy captions in them. In this issue a glimpse of these is given.

As I release this December issue, I would like to wish a happy and prosperous new year to all of you. I also wish you all the best in your research investigations.

Editorial, September 2015

posted Dec 28, 2015, 1:14 AM by SRamachandran igib

Communicating through connecting : towards contributing to a larger role

As an M.Sc. student, I read the essay by Michael Faraday "The Chemical History of a Candle". At that time it was printed in a book of essays by eminent scientists but now it is available in the World Wide Web. While reading the essay I could visualize all the parts of a burning candle that I had seen many times but never wondered about the chemistry of combustion and its effects. Such was the power of communication in that essay. I guess it is not inappropriate to consider that communicating science investigations is non-trivial and a goal in itself. Other great scientist communicators are - to name a few (not in any order) - Carl Sagan, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, Richard Feynman, Abdul Kalam, Simon Singh, D. Balasubramanian and many others. The essays by these scientists can be read and appreciated by one and all.

Many of us spend our valuable time in writing papers reporting the results of our investigations and try to publish in journals of repute. However, we should also try to communicate to other colleagues and friends, who may be specialists in other areas or may not even be specialists in any field.

IGIB Pulse newsletter is a medium of communication to describe the results of our science investigations to a wider audience. Students, Scientists and Administration staff can use this medium to communicate their discoveries or their impact on the pursuit of science projects. The section on Pulsating Thoughts of IGIBians can be used to express views beyond the realms of material science.
Your suggestions and contributions are most welcome to run IGIB Pulse regularly. In bringing out this maiden issue, I thank my friends and students who came forward with bubbling ideas. Special thanks to Vinod, my colleague for coming up with the new design.

I have tried to the best of my efforts towards being correct in communication. If some gaps arise, responsibility is mine.

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