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Director's Message

posted Dec 24, 2015, 2:34 AM by SRamachandran igib
It is my pleasure to release the new digital IGIB magazine 'IGIB PULSE'. CSIR-IGIB has taken rapid strides to become an effective organization in fostering a culture of innovation. After taking leadership in population genomics in the first decade of its inception, IGIB has initiated interdisciplinary programs in the area of both disease biology as well as new models to delineate systems-based understanding of biological systems. However, the challenge of creating institutions that can deliver excellence requires effective model of communication with society at large. We are redesigning workflows at all intervention points and would like to build strategic relationships to mobilize new ideas and enhance domain knowledge creativity. 'IGIB PULSE' would periodically provide an opportunity to both IGIBians and the extended community who have contributed to this institutional success. Through such initiatives in future we resolve and stake commitment to make a difference in the progress of this nation.